16 Greatest Red Hair Colors: Copper Cognac , Rose Gold, Auburn & Ginger Red

The red hair color has always been associated with intense passion and because of the ability to provide a touch of seductiveness and mystery and to create interest, it has become one of the most coveted hair colors of all time. However the red hair color is also one of the most challenging shades to choose as well as to maintain. Learn how to select the best red shade for you and discover how you can make it last longer with this quick guide.

#1 Amber Red

Amber Red Hair color 2022

The decision to go red can turn out to be a very tricky one, despite the the fact that almost anyone learn to choose a suitable color. Selecting the right shade can be done according to various criteria, the most important one being the skin tone.

#2 Cinnamon Red

Cinnamon Red Hair Color

For those who are beginners at the art of hair coloring or those who are unsure if a certain shade of red would really suit them a good alternative would be experimenting with a few highlights at first to give them a more realistic idea of whether a certain shade of red would suit them.

#3 Aubergine Red

Aubergine Red Hair Color

This is generally a win-win situation because if you discover that you don’t like the shade after all you can still enjoy the perks of a more interesting hairstyle without much effort. A good idea for those who look good with blond shades is to try a light strawberry blond shade to get a more clear idea of how a reddish tint would suit them. Temporary hair dyes are also a good solution.

#4 Fire Red

Fire Red Hair Color

However, it should be mentioned that the decision to got red should be extremely well thought out from a psychological point of view as well. Your personality plays an essential role in determining if the decision you made is a correct one. For example those who like a low-maintenance regimen when it comes to hair care would definitely feel extremely dissatisfied with a red hair color due to the fact that red tints tend to fade a lot faster compared to other hair dyes. Consequently, the hair dye must be reapplied more frequently.

#5 Auburn

Auburn Red hair colors

The explanation for this fact is that the molecules in red hair dyes are larger compared to the other types of dyes making it harder to preserve color. So if you want to go red you must make sure that you are comfortable with all the implications of this decision.

#5 Bright Copper

Bright Copper Red Hair color

The first step in establishing what is the most suitable red shade for you is determining if you have a warm or a cool complexion.

#6 Peach Red

16 Greatest Red Hair Colors: Copper Cognac , Rose Gold, Auburn & Ginger Red

Those who have a warm complexion usually have a hair color that can range from golden blond to red and deep brown. Generally those who have a a pale skin with golden and peach undertones and that can easily develop freckles fall into this category.

#7 Ash Red

Ash Blonde and Red Hair color
By Haze

On the other hand those with a cool complexion generally have a pale skin with pink or blueish undertones and a hair color that can range from ash blond to dark brown or intense black.

#8 Strawberry Red

strawberry red hair colors

Generally speaking those who have a cool complexion should stay shades away from bright shades of red such as strawberry blond and light copper shades which will appear to be too contrasting compared to the pink undertones characteristic for cool complexions.

#9 Burnt Red

Burnt Red hair color 2022

On the other hand, those who have a warm complexion have a larger variety of red shades they can try because almost anything can look good on them. Brunettes who want a dramatic change have the possibility to experiment with mahogany and fiery red shades. Those who prefer a more gradual and a more moderate change can benefit from choosing deep tones of copper red.

#10 Cranberry Red

Cranberry Red Hair Color 2022

Red hair colors can be tricky to pull off at home. It’s important to keep in mind that the color on the box might not be the shade that you will get. That’s why especially in the case of light red shades it’s best to turn to professional advice and not to attempt to dye your hair at home.

#11 Mermaid Red

Mermaid Red Hair color

Certain shades of red can be very difficult to remove once the dye has penetrated the hair follicle so it’s best to ask for professional guidance in order to ensure that you will not regret your choice.

#12 Dark Burgundy

16 Greatest Red Hair Colors: Copper Cognac , Rose Gold, Auburn & Ginger Red

It makes no difference whether you opt for fiery red tones or modern crimson hue when it comes to maintaining the beautiful red color that you have chosen. The rituals when it comes to red color protection are virtually the same.

#13 Ginger Red

Ginger Red hair color

The biggest enemy of a seductive red hair color is heat. Prolonged sun exposure as well as excessive use of heat based styling tools is the surest way to make a red hair color fade fast. That’s why it’s important to cut down on the use of these styling tools and to make sure that we use hair care products that contain SPF and avoid prolong repeated sun exposure when possible to minimize the damage. In addition using a shampoo with a color protection formula and rich conditioners weekly is another good strategy to maintain your original hair color.

#14 Cognac Hair Color

16 Greatest Red Hair Colors: Copper Cognac , Rose Gold, Auburn & Ginger Red

#15 Mahogany Hair Color


16 Greatest Red Hair Colors: Copper Cognac , Rose Gold, Auburn & Ginger Red

#16 Reddish Brown

16 Greatest Red Hair Colors: Copper Cognac , Rose Gold, Auburn & Ginger Red

Reddish Brown are also wonderful to show off your appearance and win the attention of hair style lovers with your exquisite and imaginative look. Modern hair tones that provide you with an elegant hairdo for the rest of the year, give you the advantage to select from the numerous and mesmerizing red copper hair color tones from red hair color ideas 2023. Women who are keen on choosing this color, must be very attentive when choosing a product, the products should be specially designed for the red color as it is very sensitive.

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