20 Classy Bob Hairstyles for Women

Get on-trend texture with the following glam Bob hair style ideas. Check out the all-new alternatives on how to dress up your midi or short locks with volume and definition. Use these fabulous hair design examples to find your way through the multitude of versatile Bob haircuts.

Textured Bob

20 Classy Bob Hairstyles for Women

The timeless Bob hairstyle seems to have become the all time favorite cut of Celebsville. More and more beauty icons can be spotted showing a different and unique side of this versatile hair design. If you were also mesmerized by the beautifully textured effect of their locks make sure you drop a glimpse at the following glam Bob hair style ideas. These stylish alternatives to arm up your strands with definition and volume is the key to polish your new season look and pave your way for becoming a real trailblazer of the moment. Undoubtedly there’s a Bob style for every face shape. Your beauty bunny duty is to find it and ask your fave hair stylist to grant with it.

Whether retro style Bobs are your thing or you wish to break out of your shell and experiment with a more alternative modern design, the decision is yours. Use your creativity as well as style hints of different hair sculpting techniques that flatter your features and collect as many stylish examples of your dream do as you can. This way you’ll have the perfect source of inspiration for your next makeover. Let your inner hair chameleon lead you through the selection of the ideal do and make sure you leave the hair salon with a flirty and fab cut.

Layered Bob

Layered Bob Hairstyles

Soft layers have the magical powder to provide your face with a well-defined and delicate frame. Go for these accessories if you’re ready to attract immediate attention. Moreover you’ll also have the privilege to emphasize your sex-appeal in a subtle and more elegant way. Combine the classy structure of the ageless Bob with your charisma and an asymmetrical structure. The sophisticated anatomy of your do will provide you with infinite hair styling ideas. Wear your locks super-smooth for a good girl look or tousled to create a mussed-up and wilder allure. Spritz some shine serum to your tresses to dress up your hair with natural gloss and sparkling refinement.

French Bob

20 Classy Bob Hairstyles for Women

Bobs are extremely flattering and look simply great with all hair textures. This style shows off your beauty-consciousness and up-to-date style ambitions. If you’re lusting after glamor, it’s time to break with the tradition of retro chic Bob hair styles. Instead you can put your sculpting skills to a fab test and use the newest formulas to create an alternative and statement look. The tapered structure is the factor that guarantees the multitude of hair styling options.

Boxy Bob

20 Classy Bob Hairstyles for Women

Start your makeover by preparing the locks for the loads of hair products. Use some of the most efficient deep-conditioning treatments and strip off your strands from any build up. Afterward you can start the actual sculpting process. Wear your do according to your mood and don’t forget that regular trims are the key to keep your flawless do in top shape.

Curly Bob

20 Classy Bob Hairstyles for Women

Both styles look equally hot so you can choose the style that you feel most comfortable wearing. The best thing about medium bob hairstyles is that they can suit most hair types, from sleek straight to soft curly.

Sharp Bob

20 Classy Bob Hairstyles for Women

Medium Bob

20 Classy Bob Hairstyles for Women

Turning to a medium length hairstyle can allow you to benefit from a greater amount of versatility when it comes to hair styling this is why most women who want a relatively low maintenance versatile hairstyle turn to this hair length. Medium bob hairstyles look great and allow you to choose between these two options: a medium layered bob or a medium blunt cut bob hairstyle.

Asymmetrical Bob

20 Classy Bob Hairstyles for Women

The oh-so-trendy bob seems to maintain its high rank among the top hairstyles trends. One of the newest and hottest [bob hairstyles are the trendy asymmetric cut bob designs, which feature asymmetric sharp cut lines that stand out. The asymmetric shape creates an edgier looking bob that is perfectly suitable for women who love underlining their unique and confident style.

Shaggy Bob

20 Classy Bob Hairstyles for WomenShort Bob

Short Bob Haircuts


Side Bangs Bob
Side Swept Bangs Bob Hairstyle 2022

Easy Bob

Easy Bob hairstyle

Long Bob

20 Classy Bob Hairstyles for Women

Choose a layered long bob hairstyle or a blunt cut long bob as both styles look hot. However keep in mind that your face shape will be framed by this type of hairstyle so make sure the style suits your face shape. Choose to add bangs or just crate a center part to allow the hair to flow gorgeously downwards. This type of hairstyle is perfect for all occasions so you will always look amazing.

Glam Bob

Glam Bob Hairstyle 2022

This Bob hairstyles look hot and are perfect for the seasons. Take a peek at the following glam bob hairstyles so you can benefit from a stylish and popular look!

Choppy Bob

Choppy Bob Haicut

Blunt Bob

20 Classy Bob Hairstyles for Women

Hairstyles trends change from season to season but it seems that there are a few hairstyles that manage to remain trendy due to their fabulous style. Bob hairstyles are fabulous and come in a variety of styles to suit different facial features and preferences. This summer however the cute summer blunt bob hairstyles manage to stand out by far as summer is the hottest and most relaxed season of all. The blunt style looks fabulous due to the hair length and this allows women to opt for quick and easy, low maintenance hairstyle which looks fabulous.

Sharp cut bob

20 Classy Bob Hairstyles for Women

Sharp Bob hairstyles have a great visual effect, effect given by the cut performed to give the hair the right texture and volume. Bob hairstyles can be created on almost all types of hair including curly, although women with tighter curls should avoid getting their hair cut in a bob as the desired effect is very difficult to obtain due to the hairs texture.

Romantic bob

Romantic Shoulder Length Chocolate Brown Bob Hairstyles 2022

Bob hairstyle are timeless and ageless hairstyles as they can be worn by any woman at any age. This hairstyle is simple and filled with style, making it a perfect hairstyle for women who want a stylish look while still staying in a style “safe zone”. To obtain a cute summer romantic bob hairstyle your hair needs to have the right texture. Layered or textured bob hairstyles work best with this style so turn to a hairstylist in order to receive the desired style.

Bob and Bangs

20 Classy Bob Hairstyles for Women
Bangs pose a great alternative when it comes to medium bob hairstyles and there are so many bangs styles to choose from so choose to add bangs to your new hairstyle if bangs suit you.

Messy Bob

Messy Bob Hairstyle

The world seems to be set on fast forward so women are constantly trying to find new and improved low maintenance and versatile hairstyles. The messy bob hairstyle is not only easy to style, it can be perfect for any casual occasion. All you need is the right cut and a little bit of skill. There are a variety of hair styling products you can find destined for your hair type and the desired style like hair wax, hair styling mousse, etc. Take a bit of hair styling product between your fingers and give a messy or wavy appearance to your tresses to enhance by enhancing the hairs texture using the hair product.

Style your tresses as desired and you will look great as hairstyles play a very important role in fashion and style.

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