Lots of ladies are curious to know what these striking braids look like and how they can be achieved. Well, goddess braids are the same cornrows with a touch of sophistication. Compared with cornrows these braids are thicker and a lot more versatile. Goddess braids can be created either with your natural hair or various types of hair extensions. If your hair length is not enough, probably you will need to opt for extensions. Here are some mind-blowing that will definitely tempt you to try them out.

This hairstyle is no joke. It has a complicated and chic look that will definitely attract anyone who has an intention to have some goddess braids. The best way to take your braids a notch higher is to add some golden embellishment. Ask your hairstylist for extensions to provide you ultra long braids. Everyone would love to replicate this look!

The best thing about goddess braids is that you can turn them to any hairstyle you want. Buns, ponytails, half up half down styles created through goddess braids are still super cute. They are easier to create than you may think. Here is an excellent style that has been created by twisting the goddess braids on the side of the head. You can also tailor your bun on the side for a unique look.

These goddess braids look ultra feminine and natural. There is nothing extreme about this style. Just create four or five goddess braids and pair them with golden hoops and natural makeup. It is an Instagram-worthy look that will definitely bring you lots of followers. These protective braids are also very easy to maintain.

I have already mentioned that goddess braids are close to cornrows. Wouldn’t it be better to pair these two types of braids for a chic and mind-blowing style? Start with cornrows braids and finish with chunky boxed braids for a casual look. This hairstyle may last several days and free you from using damaging hair tools.

This ponytail is absolutely stunning. It requires creating several braids and then pulling them up into a high ponytail. These braids can also be tied in a gorgeous updo style. Both updos and ponytails will give you a classy and elegant appearance. A good hair color will enhance your pony. Throw in some mini braids for a sophisticated look. Consider this option too, it is so easy to recreate.



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