Trendsetting hair tattoos are the best to try without the pain and danger. Hair tattoos are excellent for any hair length-short medium or long. With short hairstyles you can display your tattoo everyday while the longer and medium-length styles allow you to cover whenever you don’t feel like showing it. While choosing a hair tattoo it is important to think how it is going to blend with your hairstyle. Among all these designs the nape tattoos are the most popular ones.  Have a look at them and choose the best one for you.

If you are ready to take the wheel and shave the part of your head, then this amazing design is just for you. This nape undercut will add an element of surprise to your everyday bun while making it even more interesting and modern. With effortless messy bun your lazy look will be just fabulous. Feel free to add a little bit of fuchsia dye-job to this tattooed hair and you will rock.

The tattoo design is up to, since you can opt for the most unbelievable and unique patterns. Here is a diamond tattoo that doesn’t last forever, unless you want it that way. You just need to pair it with a vibrant color and irresistible hairstyle like the one you see below. These strategically placed shades give some dimension and movement to the style. The braid helps finish the overall look.

A geometric undercut is a little bit unexpected option that will compliment any shoulder length-strands. Well, it is not a headdress for soft-heat ladies. If you consider yourself as a bold and brave lady then it is a way to go with.  Apart from the design, it is impossible not to notice unicorn-worthy colors that take the whole look to a top notch.

Who said butterfly hair tattoos have to be super edgy? You can go for subtle and delicate options as well. If you are looking exactly for a style like that then a butterfly design will bring life into your tresses. Get creative with highlights at the front and a hair tattoo at the back. Undoubtedly your short haircut will stand out.

Everyone will admit that this headdress is simply irresistible. The long pink on top and pearl white on the sides create two-tone style that is bold yet super classy. Both the tattoo patterns and hairstyle work really well to bring out the beauty of the wearer. With this hairstyle you can channel your inner mermaid.

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