These Are The 7 Hottest Haircuts of the Week

Being in the middle of the year and also in the heart of the hottest season it is worthy to have a look at the hottest main hair trends 2024 that we have already seen. This will define the whole mainstream looks that you can opt for the rest of the year. Of course, fashion shows have already introduced some autumn/winter hair ideas, but celebrity inspirations is always the right source for the fashionable looks.

Forget about defined Hollywood waves unless you are attending Oscar’s Awards. Forget about very curly hair, unless you are going to 90’s disco party. Instead go for flat waves. Kendall magnificently shows off her broken waves for casual every day looks.

When your bob grows out and goes out of control, do not rush to cut it back to standard chin length. Instead wear this type of shaggy wavy overgrown bob.

One of the most amazing trends is the ponytail. The old good style that has gone viral with its sky high tail variation. What you wore at home on bad hair days, is now workout style, cocktail look and whatever but not a housewife look. Besides, the higher you style it, the more lifted your face will look.

Here it is! The major tendency of last year that has come into main hair trends 2017 and continued its way of triumph. Of course, Cara has already gone bald, but this look of her is one of the best for platinum blonde hair colors.

The flip is back to stay. I couldn’t be happier about it. Took her hair shorter this time for a fun refresh. This reversible BOB is something I teach in my in salon trainings. I have 1 spot available for Mondays class but who wants to come to a class alone. So I put 2 for sale so grab your friend and come join me Monday to learn fresh spring cuts for all your clients.

Bring on all the COPPER RED this season

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